SGI, Silicon Graphics International Corp. was originally founded as Silicon Graphics Inc. in the early 1980s. SGI is a  global leader in high-performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management that enable customers to accelerate time to discovery, innovation, and profitability. SGI focuses on providing compute and storage solutions based on innovative architectural advantages utilizing industry standard components. By designing for performance, power, density, and scalability, optimizing interconnections between layers, and engineering to reduce overhead and accelerate deployment, SGI solutions deliver industry leading speed, scale, and efficiency.

TNN Telecom, is SGI distributor in Israel and we provide sales and support for SGI products. Our customers are in the fields of Government, Weather, Higher Education, Research, Entertainment and Manufacturing. For More Information Please contact , Israel@ or visit

SGI Solutions

From scale-out to scale-up to networking integration node-level, SGI offers a comprehensive range of technologies. These include industry-leading solutions such as SGI Rackable servers, SGI UV systems with NUMAlink interconnect technology, and the world’s fastest commercial supercomputer—the SGI ICE X.

For clustered and high performance storage challenges, SGI InfiniteStorage offers a range from power-efficient JBODs for data center environments to a wide array of RAID platforms to accommodate all types of workflow requirements. The modular InfiniteStorage platform offers integrated software options that deliver virtualized data management, high-performance network attached storage, or scale-out files and object storage up to petabytes in size.

SAP HANA For real-time business with SAP HANA, the ability to combine database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory with the SAP HANA platform is truly game-changing. Imagine if your operations, financial, research, or marketing teams could operate in real-time. Now imagine leveraging SAP HANA in your enterprise at extreme scale and lower total cost of ownership. SGI is making this possible with SGI UV for SAP HANA.

SGI in Software SGI also provides advanced software products to power these high performance computing solutions. These include the SGI Management Suite, SGI Performance Suite, and SGI Foundation Software. SGI also delivers DMF Tier Virtualization. Each solution can be customized to satisfy individual customer needs.