Data Tech Advanced Solutions Ltd. specializes in the distribution of communications and IT products and is at the forefront of design, setup and maintenance of innovative IoT solutions.
For over 15 years, the company has been the leading distributor for communications giant Cisco systems, employing hundreds of marketers to supply an array of Cisco technologies to all market sectors while providing technological, logistical, financial and marketing support.

Since 2018, DataTech has been distributing an array of solutions by Japanese company Fujitsu that include work stations, laptops, servers and storage solutions.

Data Tech is the sole distributor of Linksys communication products, a market leader in wireless solutions for home and office and in the provision of top cyber security and information security solutions.

In the field of IoT– Data Tech created a unique control and command system that offers a flexible solution which links with a wide range of devices, interfaces with existing systems and generates insights based on consolidated data.