Innovation communities are blossoming across the country — the world, even.

Data Tech Advance Solution , in partnership with Cisco Systems, and Ofanim Association have crossed the country this month with special technology bus presented the company’s advanced solutions .

Cisco Israel and Data Tech finished last week journey across the country in order to enable accessibility of the company’s advanced technologies, target customers were IT integrators specialized at the small & medium businesses.

The goal was to meet and connect entrepreneurs, technologists and network builders in an array of different cities for three reasons:

  • Explore how local tech networks are shaping the future of cities
  • Uncover the best innovation and technology stories in each market
  • Highlight similarities, distinctions and best practices in each city for future useAs a part of the collaboration we have created sophisticated computer lab on wheels. Laboratory unique visitors exposed to voice solutions, including advanced endpoint conference calls allow many participants and presentations and content sharing, synchronization with cell phone, Internet access via cellular router and wireless access through wireless access points of Cisco. In addition, the bus featured security solutions that provide protection and investigation of malware and spyware.