Rapac is establishing two Co—Generation (CHP) Power Plants (73 MWe + 40 t\h steam each). One project – Ramat Gbriel is being erected at the Ramat Gbriel Industrial Park (close to Migdal Ha’emek) and the other – Alon Tavor is being erected at the Alon Tavor Industrial Park (close to Afula).

Upon completion, the two PPs will generate and sell electricity to private customers based on b-lateral agreements already signed, where the balance of generated power will be sold to the Grid Manager Based on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with IEC. In parallel the PPs will generate and sell to customers in the two Industrial parks heat (steam) for direct use at their production processes as well as for the operation of auxiliary systems supporting production (i. e. air compressors, chillers etc,). Erection works are being managed by RD Energy Management Ltd. (RD) – a fully owned subsidiary of Rapac.

Commencement of erection works of the two PPs was at the 2nd quarter of 2016 and achieving first Commercial Operating Date (COD) is anticipated at the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Total investment in the two PPs is about 1.25 billion NIS.